Brandon mob assignment

Table of Content
1.0: Introduction
2.0: Padini Holdings Bhd
Case Study
– Zit Meng making threats of violence or engaging in actual
abuse on Sheng Yi
– Brandon ignore the opinion provided by Wellis
– Robert making personal insults on Terry
3.0: Discussion and Recommendation
– Zit Meng making threats of violence or engaging in actual
abuse on Sheng Yi
– Brandon ignore the opinion provided by Wellis
– Robert making personal insults on Terry
4.0: References
1.0 Introduction
There are many types of bullying in the workplace. The case that our group had
chosen for this assignment are making threats of violence or engaging in actual abuse,
ignoring a worker’s opinion, and making personal insults, while for organizational
behaviour topics, we have chosen topic 4, topic 5 and topic 7.
For the first case, Zit Meng makes threats of violence or engaging in actual abuse
on Sheng Yi as he is jealous that his position would be threatened by Sheng Yi,
therefore, he started to used his power by giving unreasonable orders to Sheng Yi,
excluding him from attending important meeting as well as ignoring the work
contributions by him.
For the second case, Wellis initially thought that his idea was not been used
because of his inexperience. However, he sooner found out that actually his
supervisor is discriminating his rights by purposely ignoring or slight over his idea no
matter how hard he worked on the idea.
For the third case, Robert started to make personal insults on Terry after Terry
displayed a bad impression by not only late for the discussion but also unprepared the
materials that needed to be presented, and that not only affects Robert’s reputation ,
but also the company’s profitability. After the incident happen, Robert makes
personal insults on Terry for everything he does.
2.0 Padini Holdings Bhd
Padini Holdings Bhd is a company that sells apparels, footwear, bags and
accessories for consumers of both genders and all ages. Besides that, they also offer
various choices to customers to choose based on their preferences. Currently, there are
approximately 1,000 workers across various departments such as marketing
department, finance department, operations department, human resource department,
and IT department.
Zit Meng making threats of violence or engaging in actual abuse on Sheng Yi
Zit Meng had been the marketing manager for the past five years, while Sheng Yi
is newly promoted as supervisor by his boss in a meeting discussion. Therefore,
currently, Sheng Yi is the subordinates of Zit Meng. The story begins here where in
one of the important group discussion meeting of a sales project, where Zit Meng was
trying to proposed his plan to the boss but being rejected as the boss had favouritism
towards Sheng Yi. Therefore, the boss used a solution proposed by Sheng Yi and then
appraised Sheng Yi’s plan in front of others employees so it made Zhi Meng felt
jealous and had threat towards his position.
Due to jealousy and threats of his position, Zit Meng intend to uses his power to
actual abuse (Scopelliti, 2018) Sheng Yi. He started to give unreasonable orders to
Sheng Yi such as completing a presentation slide and report in a limited time and had
a bad intention to exclude Sheng Yi from attending important meeting by telling
Sheng Yi that: “you no need to attend those meetings anymore, I will pass on the
information that related to your work, so just follow what I am saying, that’s all.” then
he just leave without giving Sheng Yi the opportunity to say.
Furthermore, Sheng Yi realized Zit Meng would always ignore his work
contribution (Scopelliti, 2018), for example, when it is time for presenting the projects
to top level management, Zit Meng intended to takes all the credit from Sheng Yi’s
hard work and ignore work contributions by him. During salary day, Sheng Yi
discover that every co-worker getting rewarded with bonuses, allowance except him.
Therefore, he was very angry because he thought Zit Meng did not respect his work
Brandon ignore the opinion provided by Wellis
Brandon and Wellis works under a same department, which is admin department.
Brandon is the supervisor while Wellis, who had just graduate with no working
experience. Therefore, he feels that that everything is bad and been boycott by
company employees.
Initially, Wellis thinks that due to his inexperience, therefore, his supervisor will
ignore his opinion (Scopelliti, 2018) that he provides towards to the company.
However, after several times of meeting either in a weekly meeting or other project
meeting, Wellis realize that his supervisor is discriminating his rights by purposely
ignore or slight over his idea no matter how hard he worked on the idea. For example,
when his colleagues and him have been asked to gives a different idea in the meeting,
the supervisor will ignore or slight over his idea and prefers to used other colleagues
idea rather than him, although he proposed an excellent solution. This is because
supervisor distrust his idea as he is still a new worker.
In another situation, if Wellis was given the opportunity to provide his opinion,
the supervisor will say that ‘your suggestion is not relevant with our today’s title or
project’ or ‘your idea is too simple and your idea is without reference value’. Due to
multiple times of rejection, Wellis confused whether want to take action towards the
upper level management or consider quitting the job for another job.
Robert making personal insults on Terry
Robert holds the position of Head of Marketing in the sales department, while
Terry is the subordinates of Robert in the sales department of the company.
One day, Terry had been told by Robert to prepare for next week’s proposal to be
discuss in the meeting room with one of the company’s long partnership client. A
week later, during the discussion with the client, Terry not only come late for the
discussion, he also unprepared the materials that needed to be presented, therefore, the
client feels unhappy with the attitude display by Terry and decided not to have further
future cooperation with the company again.
After this incident, due to the bad impression displayed by Terry that not only
affects Robert’s reputation in the company, it also affects the company’s profitability.
Therefore, in order to revenge, Robert started to makes personal insults on Terry at
the workplace in front of the others employee at the workplace by saying “You are an
idiot”, “What is wrong with your brain”, “You must be an idiot” for every tasks that
he submitted to Robert, and express his dissatisfaction towards Terry’s work although
Terry’s work has been perfectly done. Besides that, Robert would always interrupts to
mock Terry by questioning Terry judgment, calls Terry an “idiot” and even mimics
his voice in an unflattering way during the weekly meeting.
The reason why Robert would keep insulting Terry is because Robert would want
to use Terry as a scapegoat to show others employees that he is a perfectionist person
and would not tolerate any slight mistakes. So, Robert want to show all his
subordinates the quality of work that should be perform. Because of this, Robert is
making personal insult (Scopelliti, 2018) on Terry in front of the subordinates during
3.0 Discussion and Recommendation
Zit Meng making threats of violence or engaging in actual abuse on Sheng Yi
1) Does Zit Meng fairness control rewards valued by abuse Sheng Yi despite his
Zit Meng does not fairness control rewards to Sheng Yi despite his contribution. It is
consider reward power are control rewards valued by others, remove negative
sanctions. (Yukl & Falbe,1991).As a manager, Zit Meng should reward every
supervisor based on their performance. He should not jealous Sheng Yi it is due to
boss take a solution from Sheng Yi. As a boss of a company, he make the good
decision for the company future, that is a right and Zit Meng should understand and
support him. Besides that, unfair rewards for Sheng Yi bring a few impact for him.
Impact of unfair rewards by the Zit Meng to Sheng Yi, it can bring the Sheng Yi loss
the motivation perform well in company and does not corporation with others. From
my opinion, when the morale of an organization is impaired, manager must consider
what they might have done, which will encourage employees to see themselves as
neighbors and treat themselves as strangers. At that time, the manager must stick to
the olive branch and do everything in his power to welcome the disgruntled employee
back to the neighborhood. Important of fairness reward in an organization is
important as it can leads someone put the effort perform well in company.
Zhi Meng should evaluate the employee’s performance standards to fairly distribute
the rewards among the employees. If not, it will affect the motivation of subordinate
to perform a tasks (McShane Von Gilnow, 2015). Therefore, rewards for employees
who having a good performance which can encourage employees to maintain their
good attitude toward work performance and improve their technical skills and
knowledge in order to brings the positive effect of value towards an organization.
(Edward, 2003)
Furthermore, Zit Meng can develop a employees recognition programs towards work
performance in terms of giving special token as a symbol for means on
self-achievement for those awarded must
the certain targets of the high level
performance standard. Though the recognition program, employees highly accepted
and willingness to learn new skills for job –related. this strategy may encourage
them to compete each other and boost their performance towards organization.
2) Does Zit Meng have the ability to use coercive power to abuse Sheng Yi by
excluding him from the meeting?
Zit Meng does not have the ability to use coercive power to abuse Sheng Yi by
excluding him from the meeting as coercive power is consider having the ability to
apply punishment when someone are doing something wrong. (Hofmann, Hartl,
Gangl, Hartner-Tiefenthaler, & Kirchler, 2017). Impact of manager exclude Sheng Yi
from the meeting, other supervisor will get the wrong mindset and treat their
employee are badly. Moreover, colleagues will ignore and don’t share any detail
about the work with the Sheng Yi. By ignore from their colleagues, this will influence
the emotion and physical mental Sheng Yi. Sheng Yi feel uncomfortable and cannot
pay full attention on their work and frequently make wrong. Otherwise, Sheng Yi feel
lonely and stress when he faced some difficult on their work, it can bring him increase
the high turnover rate company and find the other job. Sheng Yi can use the social
media share bad experience with friend or relax the bad feeling. It will direct destroy
the image company and lost the confident by others. From my opinion, I think spirit
of solidarity are vital for an organization, it can help the company earn the profit lead
the company better.
The misuse of power could lead to many negative consequences such as decreasing
the employee morale, lower their confidence and productivity. As Zit Meng put heavy
pressure on Sheng Yi’s work performance, Sheng Yi may develop stress that are
related to illness and causes Sheng Yi to leave for the company. Besides that, Zhi
Meng should recognized Sheng Yi job’s ability and performance by supporting and
guiding the performance and well-being of individual employees to support current
objectives and practices rather than giving unreasonable instruction of work to him.
This is because it will affect the organizational culture and cause employees to lose
confident of doing work and therefore, experience high turnover rate. Other than that,
Zhi Meng should develop a proper communication channel which he can discuss
when the employees are facing problems.
Brandon ignore the opinion provided by Wellis
1) When Brandon tried to ignore towards Wellis’s ideas, will it had influence to his
work motivation in the company ?
I think there is no influence towards Wellis work motivation to the company when
Brandon tried to ignore towards Wellis’ ideas. This is because motivated employees
are willing to exert a particular level of effort ( intensity), for a certain amount of time
( persistence), toward a particular goal (direction). Besides that, story has show that
Wellis is type of motivation people. This is because in the story has show that ‘No
matter his idea was rejected a lot of times by his supervisor, Wellis still put the
company’s benefit in the first’ .
In this situation, Wellis does not have influence in his work motivation in the
company. This is because Brandon believe that he can help the company in future.
Brandon should continue keep this kind of motivation attitude (Kye-Sung Chon, 1989)
toward his company not matter Brandon-supervisor how to ignore his idea. Besides
that, Wellis can also try to react to his supervisor when supervisor ignore his opinion
in the meeting. This is because this is very disrespectful to those have be ignored.
Wellis can react to supervisor when trying to listen to his idea or opinion. In addition,
Brandon also need to self-criticism himself. This is because as a leader of a group, he
should have leadership (Finkelstein, Hambrick, & Cannella, 1996) but he is not taking
care of everyone feeling, idea or presentation that employees prepare. So, Brandon
can try do do something that is beneficial to the company. For example, listening to
whole employees who wanna present or try to accept new employees idea. This will
make them an effective leader in the company.
2) What legitimate power does Brandon use to discriminate towards Wellis and is it
influential on Wellis towards workplace emotion,attitude and stress?
I think there is influence on Wellis towards workplace emotion, attitude and stress
when Brandon use his legitimate power to discrimination towards new employees.
This is because emotions defined show that two features of all emotions. First is
evaluation(corr affect). Evaluation is evaluate that something is bad/good in a thing or
in a situation. For example,Wellis is confuse whether want take action toward to
upper level management or not and if the problem could not be solve after the action,
Wellis will consider quit the job.
In this situation, my recommendation towards Wellis is he can try to communication
with his supervisor. Wellis can use face to face communication with his supervisor
not to use his legitimate power to discriminate him. This is because this type of power
will make employees disappointed toward to top management or company. Besides
that, supervisor that uses legitimate power to discriminate new employees will
directly affect their emotion, attitude and add-on stress on to the employees. This will
cause company morale (Gal,& Manning, 1987) and causes the company profitability
to decrease or drop. So, supervisor need to use their legitimate power at the right
place. If still after communicate if Wellis still have problem regarding the way his
subordinates treat him, Wellis should self-critic his proble.
Robert making personal insults on Terry
1) Does Robert influences others employee by using Terry as a reference is right and
I think the way Robert use to influence other employees by using Terry as a scapegoat
is not right and will even produce some negative effect. Terry will experience low
self-esteem, feel stress (Kahn & Byosiere, 1992). and incapacity to work or
concentrate in the workplace and this will lead to low productivity. Besides that, the
others employees in the organization will try to beware from getting bully by Robert
if they are Robert’s subordinates. This shows that Robert does not have any leadership
to lead his subordinate as a team. A leader should have playing an incentive role in
the concern’s working to motivate and create confident to his subordinate, explaining
them clearly their role and giving them guidelines to achieve the goals effectively.
I would like to recommend that Terry should have a discussion with Robert and tell
him exactly how his behavior will have an impact on his work. Besides that, I suggest
Robert should make self-review about his action and behavior to become a successful
leader in a department because if a leader fail to lead himself, he will eventually fall
prey to his own undoing. Robert should improve his communication skill and look at
the emotion and personality (Arnold, 1960) of the person. A good leader should
always curious about unexpected things and have a plan to solve it. As an added
benefit a leader who successfully places individuals in the right positions will be able
to trust the individuals which they’ve mentored and promoted to handle challenging
roles and tasks. I recommend Robert must trust with Terry to handle the task given by
him to let Terry put every effort to do his best without any concern.
2) Does Robert’s personal insult on Terry could affect Terry’s working performance
and emotions in the organization environment?
Yes, Terry would feel stress about his job as he had always been threatened by Robert.
The harassment of Robert will make Terry lose job satisfaction (Porter, Steers,
Mowday, & Boulian, 1974). A dissatisfied employee expresses his negative
perceptions more in external forums than internal ones, for fear of repercussion, and
when an existing employee speaks ill of the company, it reduces the prospects of the
listener to join the company and the reputation of the organization is impacted.
Besides that, a dissatisfied employee will lead to decrease in the productivity of his
work and cause reducing work effort and quality. Job satisfaction is a very important
part of an employee’s life cycle and motivation to remain loyal to and employed with
an organization.
I would like to recommend Robert to stop his insult against Terry and think twice
about how his behaviour could directly or indirectly affect the
profitability because job satisfaction increases customer satisfaction and profitability
because job satisfaction affects mood, leading to positive behaviors toward customers
job satisfaction reduces employee turnover rate. Retaining workers helps create a
better environment, and makes it easier to recruit quality talent and save money.
Increased Profits, keeping employees safe and satisfied can lead to higher sales, lower
costs and a stronger bottom line. Loyalty, when employees feel the company has their
best interests at heart, they often support its mission and work hard to help achieve its
4.0 References
Scopelliti, V. (2018). HR Daily Community, available at
aviour (accessed on: 8 may 2019)
Yukl, G., & Falbe, C. M. (1991). Importance of different power sources in downward
and lateral relations. Journal of applied psychology, 76(3), 416.
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Arnold, M. B. (1960). Emotion and personality.
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commitment, job satisfaction, and turnover among psychiatric technicians. Journal of
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