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The importance of the planning and development brief is mainly for the clarification of the
planning and the design of a framework which will be essential to the knowledge. Also, it will be
helpful to fie the formulation of the proposal details. The design framework for the planning
intends to promote the site and help safeguard them from any form of inappropriate development
that will; make sure that the high-quality schemes are achieved through the planning process.
This effect leads to the update of the current guidance by providing more focused advice related
to the Coles Building.
Objectives of the brief
They lead to the provision of a different gateway enhanced by the building development of a
robust and reasonable response to the local context.
Utilization of the complex and soft landscaping to soft the site boundary mostly with areas with
blank or the ones with inactive footage
Provision of the building design that will be building design and the sustainability of the
environment mainly through the choice of the quality that proves to be good that can respond to
the local context.

Description of the development site with its existing road/street infrastructure and access to
utilities such as water, sewage, electricity, gas, etc.

The site lies on the south and east boundaries of the ancient woodland and the peters wood. The
site for the natural conservation also lies at a distance of about 284 m to the west of the site; the
site also tends to lie on the EA aquifer protection zone.
Coles building in gorgon is the largest and the leading retail supermarket in Australia, with 800
supermarkets and over 2500 outlets that retail nationally. (Find Your Nearest Coles Store – with
Opening Hours | Coles, 2017) Coles has improved the life of the people in Australia in various

ways, such as the delivery of quality, values, and services. The company processes over twenty
million customer transactions weekly, leading to the customers’ production of the products and
the goods they require.

Roads and infrastructure
Utility access and waste management
For Coles multi-dwelling housing, flat residential buildings, and the residential components of
top shop housing and mixed-use developments, provision for waste management, including
storage areas, separation of waste from recyclables, collection areas, and the like, must be
following Sutherland Shire council.

Description of the Coles building to be constructed:
External features:
Overall building envelops
In the structure’s building envelope, the air leaks are the leading partner in the stores’ significant
energy losses. They occur due to the outlets with exhausts, penetration from the roof, windows,
and the various doors and other openings in the building. Some of which are the design features
and the performance, some of which the developers will be accountable for; here are some of the
factors that will be considered necessary for the efficiency of the building. The installation of the
new stores shows that data will provide energy improvements where the estimated annual energy
costs and the savings will be around 719000kwh. More seals and dampers will lead to
improvements in the savings. There is also a necessary provision for the roof insulations and the
effective roof materials to minimize the thermal bridging in the building.

In the construction of the Cole building façade, various elements are
to consider, and this may entail the look of the entrance, the type of the building material to be
used, which may include brick, wood frame, or stone. There is also the consideration of the
fenestration or the replacement of the portions of windows with the material. There are different
architectural changes of the façade and coles building that could employ the is of one technique
among the following example the gothic façade, geek revival façade, etc.
The Coles building will require doors and windows, and there is a need for the store to have
space. Also, the architect ought to be spot on. In the construction, there should be aesthetic
aspects to attract the customer and lead to an influence from the customers. Glass can be a better
choice to be used in the building for the attractiveness.

internal major structural elements of the Coles building
a. Columns
the columns are the essential structural element of the building in the structural design, and it has
the responsibility for the transfer of the load that is both alive and dead. The architect will
determine the types of columns to be used, and their dimensions determined depending n the
type of load a column carries. The construction of Coles building could employ the use of
concrete columns which are either circular or rectangular; there are also steel columns which are
more reliable for the car parking underground.

b. Beams

These are the horizontal structures and transfer loads to the slab, and in the Coles building,
various beams are to be used depending on the function, like carrying the wall or tightening the
columns. Different concrete beams are to be dues, and they are the falling beams, cantilever, and
the inverted beams, which are usually best when it comes to the load transfer of the various
floors in the retail building.
c. Walls
there can be the provision of curtain walling in Cole BA10 0 to better the appearance of your
shop exterior. The curtain walls are not only attractive but functional too. The condition of the
MC wall system that is designed to make a practical facade that has different options
d. Ceilings

the ceiling of the Coles building ought to be attractive. This effect involves employing different
techniques for the establishment, such as using sustainable, cheap, and stunning straws. The
ceiling covers most of the Coles building to make it appealing.

Visible building technologies allow the functionality of this commercial property.

a. Lighting

b. Airconditioning
Air conditioning is applicable in any environment with the urge to minimize the internal air
temperature and control humidity to build a more comfortable working environment. This leads
to inside climate control to create a more comfortable interior environment.

3. Requirements for the property designers (architects and engineers) regarding the
choice of building/construction materials and building technologies. Your brief will
require materials and technologies for Coles building and associated carpark to be

sustainably sourced that at the same time do not compromise their
structural/engineering properties requirements.

Bamboo is a sustainable material that can be applied in the construction of the building
since it is eco-friendly and has an incredibly high generation rate. Bamboo has a high
strength to weight ratio and has a greater compression strength than the concrete and the
bricks, and can last for a long time. It can be used as a perfect choice for flooring in the
building and making cabinets.

Precast concrete slab
Concrete can prove to be the best way to control the heat in the building and can be
afforded as a building material that can be applied in the construction. Their sustainability
is higher than many concrete options since the slab takes less energy for production and
assembly. It also allows the material to cure in an environment that is controlled, and as a
result, the precast concrete slab avoids cracks and other structural faults within the

The corks are also sustainable materials that can be applied in the building space, such as
the parking lot since it is resiliently flexible and can revert the pressure to the original
shapes when they endure the sustaining stress. Its resistance to wearing can make it a
suitable material for applying the material in the building.

This type of floor is sustainable and more expensive than carpets, but you will have to
replace carpets since the building is for commercial purposes, and through its
sustainability, it tends to last for decades. Additionally, before pouring terrazzo into
place, there is the color choice and making the floor one chooses. It makes for easy-toclean floors, which can also be installed in high-traffic and crowded areas such as car

3. Requirements for the Coles building and parking optimal operational
that will secure and maintain a 6* NABERS rating (or equivalent).

The owners own the land within which the building is to be located. They must be
initially contacted and consulted about any project issue of the decommissioning and
rehabilitation of the structure. The CDPL should further consult with the stakeholders

before and during the decommissioning process. The stakeholders should also be
The building and kiosks within the structure’s reach will be dismantled in the reverse
of the erection sequence. The large crane will be brought to the site alongside the
support cranes and equipment. Every existing structure on the site will be dismantled
using the standard and best management practices. The work sequence of the
demolishing and also decommissioning of the site will take the following steps;
Assemble and stage the cranes
Install the erosion control
Demolish the existing building
Remove the concrete foundation ( to 1m below the ground surface)
Backfill the foundation area
Rehabilitate the foundation area
Maintain the site in the context
Electrical infrastructure
All the powerline overhead and conductors passing over the site to other places
connecting it to the national grid to be removed. The facilities and the equipment not
required for the operation of the substation will be removed. As far as possible, three
components and materials, i.e. (conductors, switches, and steel) will be reused, sold
as scrap, recycled, or recycled to the maximum amount economically as practical.
Access roads

There will be a consultation with the landowners’ owners to determine whether access
track and access roads will be decommissioned. Access tracks and access roads will
be removed, and the access area will be rehabilitated.

4. Requirements for decommissioning the Coles building when it reaches its end of
service. Your brief must state that demolition and disposal of demolition waste
in landfills is not an option. Your brief must require design for deconstruction
and recycling/reuse of materials and building elements (doors, beams, walls, etc.)
and technologies (lighting, HVAC, etc.).

Health and work environment
The office for the accommodation must have some commitment to provide a safe and also
healthy place to work by use of
Maintaining regular testing and also recalibrating the base structural services.
The monitoring and maintaining of the temperature inside the building during the periods of

There should be regular HVAC tests to remove all the contaminants.
There should also be offset storage for all the hazardous materials
Every structure must be maintained according to the statutory requirements and building
operation and maintenance manual.
Building management
The structures to be used for the buildings in the department of work should overall carry out
lighting and the ventilation plants between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday up to Friday. The
management of the structure should control the systems. The investigation also should continue
to be carried out by the department of the public works to implement the energy-saving strategies
for the control of the building ventilation and the lighting in the building.
Building security committee
Since the building is one of the many structures along with the CBD, it should have a building
security committee meeting regularly to determine the number of occupants in the building and
maintain the security. The committee members may also review the security levels, access
requirements of the structure, and the opening hours of the building.
Transport options
The owner of the building is supposed to provide;
Secure parking
Secure storage of the bikes
There should also be changing facilities and the showers for the cyclists

The space for the cars, scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles
The departments that will take the area in the structure must prioritize three proportions of the
office location opening to lease the parking slots at the rate of the markets from the departments
of the public works.

5. An overview of the commercial property development process for this specific
Project also needs to be included.

Select a suitable design for the building to be designed to be constructed. the contractor
will need to behold a consultation and end up making the recommendation on how the
supermarket will be designed

There is a necessity to develop a design for the building. The designer could be supplied
with drawings or photos representing the building to be erected and use the surveyor to
conduct the land survey. The task will involve measuring the and the certification the
boundaries owned by the company to assert the boundaries.

The designer finishes the design by fine-tuning, and there is also an accurate cost
estimation of the building. The plan will be approved, and the design will aid in the
reduction of expenses during the construction of the building.

The contractor of the Project will provide a concise document that will aid in the
construction of the building; a design firm can get involved in the building construction.

A separate firm for construction will be hired if the company is not offering the services
for the building.

In the construction process, after its completion and the components are installed, the
builder will be notified of any work that the contractor will overlook during the
construction of the Coles building.

6. Within this brief, the preliminary costing estimates for the Project need to be
included. You can use Rawlinson’s to produce your cost estimates; only use one
method (e.g., Superficial or elemental methods). Single storey sqm 765-825 740-795 695-750 770-830 750-810 Two storey sqm 870-940 840-905 830-890 915-985 885-950
ADD: FIT-OUT shell, including finishes,
shop fittings and services, but
excluding air-conditioning sqm 227 209 210 239 221 Air-conditioning (Package Unit) sqm 295-315 265-285 285-305 315-335 290-310 Toilets Note Awnings Note

Edition 37 79 Rawlinsons 2019
14.0 RETAIL Adel. Bris. Mel. Per. Syd.
PER $ $ $ $ $
14.1 SUBURBAN (cont’d)
14.1.2 SUPERMARKETS – standard construction
including shop fronts, standard finishes,
all services, air-conditioning and fire sprinklers,
standard amenities, offices, etc.; excluding cold rooms etc. and shop fittings sqm 1630-1755 1540-1660 1535-1655 1625-1750
ADD: Shop fittings and installation of cold
and freezer rooms sqm 340-365 310-335 295-320 370-400 330-355
14.1.3 SHOPPING CENTRE – standard shell
construction, including shop fronts,
plasterboard ceilings, electrical service
to the board, plumbing service only, Airconditioning,
excluding fit-out, fire sprinklers and mall/arcade areas sqm 1435-1545 1415-1525 1425-1535 1445-1560
ADD: Fully enclosed mall/arcade, good
standard finishes, air-conditioning
and landscaping etc. sqm 2440-2630 2505-2700 2395-2585 2500-2695 2620-2825 Trading area fit-out, including wall
and floor finishes, additional
electrical, plumbing services sqm 700-755 695-750 635-685 715-770 700-755
14.2.1 DEPARTMENT STORE – single story, large
the open planned sales area, standard
construction and finishes, fully serviced,
air-conditioning, fire sprinklers, all facilities and amenities, excluding shop fittings, sqm 1855-2000 1760-1895 1840-1980 18952040 2020-2175
ADD: Shop fittings sqm 200-215 200-215 180-195 200-215 175-190
14.0 RETAIL Adel. Bris. Mel. Per. Syd.
PER $ $ $ $ $

14.2 REGIONAL (cont’d)
Integrated concept combining specialty
shops, supermarkets, and department
stores with enclosed malls and public
and staff toilets.
Fully air-conditioned, electrical reticulation
and light fittings, fire sprinklers, ceilings,
painted block walls, floor finishes, shop
fronts, moderate standard finishes to malls.
Excludes – shopfitting work,
e.g., check-outs, internal
security systems, gondolas,
counters, cold rooms and
refrigeration cabinets.
Car parking refers to a separate section. MEDIUM STANDARD -Single storey sqm 2010-2170 1920-2070 2000-2155 2135-2300 2215-2385 -Two storey sqm 2275-2450 2175-2345 2295-2470 2390-2575 2495-2690 HIGH STANDARD -Single storey sqm 2265-2440 2135-2300 2280-2460 2320-2500 2510-2705 -Two storey sqm 2545-2740 2440-2630 2560-2760 2650-2855 2805-3025
14.3 CITY

14.3.1 DEPARTMENT STORE – three or four-story,
standard construction and finishes,
fully serviced, air-conditioning,
fire sprinklers, all facilities and amenities, excluding shop fittings sqm 2560-2760 2830-3050 2515-2710 2765-2980
ADD: Shop fittings sqm 210-225 190-200 180-190 230-245 190-200
14.4.1 OPEN parking areas, including bitumen
paving, stormwater drainage,
minimal lighting and some landscaping sqm 84-90 83-90 84-97 82-88 81-87
car 3025-3240 2990-3240 3025-3490 2950-3170 2915-3130
14.4.2 COVERED basement or multi-story References
(PDF) Contemporary Parking Policy, Practice, and Outcomes in Three Large Australian Cities.
(n.d.). ResearchGate. Retrieved May 26, 2022, from
Find your nearest Coles Store – with Opening Hours | Coles. (2017).

IMPROVEMENT IN ACTION. (n.d.). Retrieved May 26, 2022, from
Safety of Machinery – AS5124 – Wohr Parking Systems Australia – Car Parking Solutions as
mechanical car stackers, fully automatic car parks, car lift, vehicle turntables, sliding
vehicle platforms, parking guides, Combilift’s, park safe, multimarker, automatic bicycle
parking tower. (n.d.). Retrieved May 26, 2022, from
Retrieved May 26, 2022, from

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