Cswip mcqs 06

1. Would you consider using a 5 mm electrode for vertical up root runs in 6G (HLO45) fixed
position pipe?
a) Yes it is compatible
b) Yes but this would depend upon the welder skill
c) No, it is not the most suitable electrode coating type
d) No, the electrode should have been smaller in diameter
2. A document that is established by consensus and approved by recognized body and
provides, for common and repeated use, guidelines, rules, characteristics for activities or
their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimum degrees of order in a given
context is called
a) Normative document
b) Regulation
c) Specification
d) Standard
3. Which of the following defects are not associated with the MMA (SMAW) welding
a) Isolated pores
b) Lack of fusion
c) Undercut
d) Tungsten inclusions
4. In SAW a higher current or in the case of multiple electrode systems. AC is often
preferred to:
a) Avoid the problem of lack of fusion
b) Avoid the problem of excess penetration
c) Avoid the problem of arc blow
d) Avoid the problem of dilution
5. On some applications (i.e. Cladding operations) by SAW, DC electrode negative is
needed to:
a) Reduce penetration and dilution
b) Increase penetration and dilution
c) Reduce penetration and increase dilution
d) Increase penetration and reduce dilution
6. What is the mode of metal transfer for the TIG (GTAW) welding process?
a) Spray transfer
b) Globular transfer
c) Dip transfer
d) None of the above
7. What would the effect be if the polarity were changed from DC+Ve to DC –Ve?
a) None
b) Greater deposition rate
c) Greater penetration
d) Less deposition rate
8. You notice that a welder is using an unapproved WPS for production tack welding
carbon steel, what action would you take?
a) Have the tack removed and MPI the weld preparation for cracking
b) Nothing as it is only tack welds and they will probably be removed anyway
c) Nothing as long as the WPS covered the material type, wall thickness and
d) Give him the correct approved one and allow him to continue as long as the
welding consumables were the correct type
9. In welder qualification testing of 20 mm plates, why are side bends used instead of root
and face bends?
a) They are easier to produce
b) The testing equipment cannot handle thick root/face bends
c) Root defects are not important for welder qualification
d) They give more accurate indications
10. Mechanical tests are divided I to two areas, identify these from the list below:
a) Destructive and non destructive
b) Qualitative and quantitative
c) Visual and mechanical
d) Qualitative and visual
11. While inspecting a weld on a 100 mm thick high carbon steel plate with a tolerance of +
or – 5 mm you notice the weld is visually acceptable, however the parent material has
several arc strikes present adjacent to the weld approximately 3 mm deep, what course
of action would you take?
a) None I am only inspecting the weld
b) Recommend that the area be dressed smooth
c) Recommend that the area be dressed smooth followed by MPI
d) High carbon steel is not susceptible to cracking so I would weld over the arc
strikes then blend them
12. When examining a completed bend test, the angle of the bend was found to be 185 Deg.
The testing specification calls for the sample to have been formed through 180 Deg.
a) They should be acceptable as the standard refers to minimum forming angle
b) The bends should be considered as failed
c) New bends should be produced and bent to 180 deg then re-examined
d) They should be rejected as the angle is not close enough to be acceptable
13. In welder qualification testing of 45 mm thick plates, why are side bends used instead of
root and face bends?
a) They are easier to produce
b) The testing equipment cannot handle thick root/face bends
c) Root defects are not important for welder qualification
d) They give more accurate indications
14. For the structure termed martensite to form in a C-Mn steel it must first be heated to:
a) Just below its lower critical temperature and rapidly cooled
b) A maximum temperature of 550 0C then rapidly cooled
c) Above its upper critical temperature and slowly furnace cooled
d) A full transformation to austenite then rapidly cooled
15. A main element involved in solidification cracking is
a) Chrome
b) Molybdenum
c) Sulphur
d) Silica
16. Preheats are used on steel joints of high hardenability mainly to
a) Slow the cooling rate of the steel
b) Removes surface moisture from the joint
c) Reduce the formation of surface oxides
d) Increase the diffusion rate of hydrogen into the HAZ
17. Weld Decay will cause which of the following problems
a) A reduced resistance to corrosion
b) A lower tensile strength
c) The toughness is reduced
d) The hardness will increase
18. Why is it essential to clean the surrounding parent metal adjacent to the weld metal
made by MMA (SMAW), which is to be ultrasonically tested?
a) Sound waves will not travel through weld
b) Remove any rust
c) The spatter will impede the contact probe and the parent material surface
d) Spatter will reflect the back wall echo signal and give indications
19. Which of the following would not be required to be checked before welding?
a) The welding consumables
b) The welder qualification
c) Calibration of welding equipment
d) The workshop humidity
20. According to AWS 2.4 where does the symbol go for welding on the arrow side?
a) Below solid line
b) Above solid line
c) Depends on the joint
d) Always weld other side arrow is pointing
21. In
intermittent fillet welds, BS EN 22553 and AWS 2.4 differ in
a) The way of which staggering & show
b) The plot distance difference
c) Both the above
d) None of the above
22. Root and face bends an 8mm thickness weld require testing. The specimen are cut to
20mm wide the code calls for a 4t bend which one of the following former should be
selected for testing.
a) 80mm radius
b) 80mm diameter
c) 32mm radius
d) 32mm diameter
23. One of the factors used to avoid HAZ hydrogen cracking is to reduce the influence of
hydrogen by checking the amount of moisture present in the shielding gas by the dew
point temperature. The dew point temperature should be__________.
a) Above 5oC
b) Below 60 oC
c) Below 30 oC
d) Above 27 oC
24. Some code require the excess weld metal (Weld cap) on cross weld joint tensile
specimens to be flush, this is because.
a) Flushed caps will always break in the weld metal
b) This is to remove any porosity in the excess weld metal
c) It is easier to calculate the cross sectional area of the joint when flushed
d) Flushed caps have fewer stress raisers and therefore give a more accurate result
25. Which of the following commonly used radioactive isotopes has the longest half-life?
a) Iridium 192
b) Cobalt 60
c) Thulium 170
d) Yeterdium 169
26. Which one of these statements is true concerning solidification cracking?
a) Only occurs in MMA welding
b) Increased depth to width ratio will increase stress
c) Never occurs in MIG/MAG welding
d) All of the above
27. Is it always necessary to preheat the base material before welding?
a) Not on a sunny day
b) Only in accordance with the WPS
c) If the equipment is available it must be used
d) If using cellulosic rods these will provide enough heat
28. What does the term WPS mean?
a) Weld productivity specification
b) Weld production scheme
c) Welding procedure specification
d) Work productivity standard
29. Cross sectional area dimensions are shown according to EN 22553?
a) To the left of the symbol
b) To the right of the symbol
c) Under the reference line
d) In the tail at the end of the symbol
30. You find unacceptable welds and reject them, the welding supervisor insists they are
acceptable, he signs them off and requests NDT, what action would you take?
a) Nothing as he is a welding supervisor and knows a great deal about welding
b) Raise the issue with the QC department
c) It is not my problem as he has signed them off so I will not be blamed
d) Look at the NDT results and if they look reasonable I would accept them
31. How is preheat for tack welds during assembly and fit-up determined?
a) By the welders as they have extensive knowledge
b) The fabrication specification/WPS will give the requirements
c) The fabrication drawing will give all the information
d) Any temperature will do as it is only a tack weld
32. During Inspection of a fillet weld you notice slag in the toes of the weld, what action will
you take?
a) As a fillet weld does not need to be strong slag will not be a problem
b) Measure the slag if it is less than 3mm it will not be a problem
c) Have the welder remove the slag as this could mask any discontinuities
d) Tell the welder to leave the slag in as it will add strength to the weld
33. IN a transverse WELD tensile test, If the break was in the parent material, the sample
would be:
a) Rejected
b) Acceptable if the UTS is equal to or greater than the specified UTS of the plate
c) Retested
d) Acceptable if the UTS 80-90% of the specified UTS of the plate
34. Charpy testing is carried out on a welding procedure test plate because?
a) It gives an indication of the through thickness ductility (in the Z direction)
b) The impact test results can be used to verify that the material has not been
adversely affected by the heat of the welding
c) It give an indication of the materials elongation properties
d) It gives a quick indication of the weld quality for welder qualification tests
35. When examining a completed bend test the angle of the bend was found to be 175Deg,
the testing specification calls for the sample to have been formed through 180 Deg.
a) The bend should be considered as failed
b) They should be sent to 180deg then re-examined
c) They should be acceptable as the reduction in angle is due to material spring
d) They should be rejected as the angle is not close enough to be acceptable
36. Which one of these values would be more susceptible to lamellar tearing?
a) Greater than 20%
b) Less than 20%
c) 30% above
d) They would all be susceptible
37. Lamellar tearing is a problem in steels which is always associated with
a) Sensitization in the HAZ
b) Low through thickness ductility
c) Hydrogen levels above 15ml/100g of weld metal
d) Rapid cooling from above the upper critical
38. When MMA welding what will be the effect on the weld if the electrode was changed
from Ac to Dc-Ve?
a) None
b) Lower deposition rate
c) It would be less penetration or a slight increase in deposition rate
d) The arc would become unstable
39. When reviewing a radiograph of a weld made by the MAG (GMAW) process, you notice
a very bright white inclusion in the weld, which of the following best describes this
a) Tungsten inclusion
b) Spatter on the cap
c) Copper inclusion
d) It is most likely to be a film mark
40. What is the greatest disadvantage of radiographic inspection?
a) Its inability to size defects accurately
b) The physical size of the equipment
c) The skill level of the operators
d) The harmful effects of ionizing radiation
41. When welding medium carbon steel plates over 90 mm in thickness would the basic
electrodes require any pretreatment before use?
a) None if they were in vacuum pack
b) None if they were used in a factory
c) Heat to 500oC for 2 hours if used outside
d) Baked at 150oC for 4 hours prior to use
42. With which of the following NDE processes is it possible to detect both surface and slight
sub-surface defects up-to 2 mm below the surface.
a) Visual
b) Dye penetrant
c) Magnetic particle using DC
d) Magnetic particle using AC
43. A butt weld has been made by MMA in a 50 mm thick impact tested steel plate. The
welding electrode used was a basic type, 5 mm diameter. The measures welding
parameters for one of the runs was 220 amps, 21 volts, using DC +ve polarity, and a
ROL of 270 mm per min. What would be the arc energy?
a) Insufficient information given to calculate the arc energy
b) 1.54kj/mm
c) 1.026kj/mm
d) 2.82kj/mm
44. When using DC + ve polarity, what is the typical OCV?
a) 10-40V
b) 50-90V
c) 100-140V
d) 200-240V
45. When MMA welding what will be the effect on the weld if the electrodes was changed
from DC-ve to AC
a) None
b) It would have been easier for the welder to strike the arc
c) It would slightly increase the depth of penetration
d) It would give less penetration
46. You find that contractor has carried out radiography as per 10 % contractual percentage
required by the specification / Code. The specification also insists that an additional 2
welds are radiographed for every weld that has failed. One of the pipe spools had an
unacceptable defect, which the contractor has ignored and radiographed another weld in
tis place, which is acceptable, what would your course of action be?
a) As long as the other radiographed butt weld is acceptable its ok as the 10%
contractual percentage required by the specification/code has been satisfied
b) This is usual practice as 10% NDT is not really important
c) Review the original failed weld and insist that they have the additional 2 welds
d) Review the original failed weld and have it repaired, radiographed. Then I would
insist that they have an additional 2 welds radiographed
47. During post weld heat treatment what is the sequence for the PWHT chart?
a) Restricted heating rate, soak time, unrestricted cooling rate
b) Un Restricted heating rate, Restricted heating rate, soak time, restricted cooling
rate, unrestricted cooling rate
c) Restricted heating rate, soak time, restricted cooling rate
d) Restricted heating rate, un-restricted heating rate, soak time, restricted cooling
rate, un-restricted cooling rate
48. Hydrogen induced cold cracking (HICC) is often referred to by other names that
describes various characteristics of hydrogen cracks, which one of the following would
not be correct term as applied to HICC?
a) Cold cracking
b) Delayed cracking
c) Under-bead cracking
d) Stepped like cracking
49. Slag lines found in MMA welds are usually associated with:
a) The voltage being too low
b) The open circuit current being too high
c) Improper cleaning between weld runs
d) Low open circuit voltage
50. In shop floor scenario you are faced with a problem of a consistent problems in all the
welds. What would be your course of action?
a) Check the consumable issue, handling procedures
b) Check the welding machine, setup and parameters
c) Check welder
d) All of the above
51. Who determines what the correct weld preparation ( root gap, root face , included angle)
should be?
a) The welding engineer
b) The welding supervisor
c) The welder will decide
d) The inspector will recommend what is suitable
52. The temperature at which chromium carbides are formed in Austenitic stainless steel is
approximately between?
a) 350-550oC
b) 600-850oC
c) 800-1050oC
d) 1050-1500oC
53. Sensitization is a term applied to the formation of which intermetallic compound at the
grain boundaries in the HAZ of austenitic stainless steels?
a) Chromium carbide
b) Titanium carbide
c) Niobium carbide
d) Molybdenum carbide

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