Alif: The study of Sufism
Mahnoor Akhtar
BS. English (3rd semester)
University of Faisalabad, Superior College M.B. Din
This article is essentially concerned with the Sufism in the drama Alif a Pakistani
writer Umera Ahmed. Sufism, spiritual Islamic conviction and hone in which Muslims look
for the truth of divine cherish and Information through coordinate individual encounter of
God. Sufism moreover known as Tasawwuf, may be a spiritualist body of devout hone with
Islam characterized by center on Islamic most profound sense of being, ritualism, religious
austerity and esotericism. Political thought about Sufism given by Milani, Milad in his book
Sufi Political Thought. Hazrat Data Ali Hajweri describes his book Kashaf ul Mojub Sufi is the
one who does not have any property in his possession and it does not matter if he gets
anything, in the presence of wealth of world, he did not consider himself rich nor did he
consider himself poor due to his lack in his view having or not having the wealth of the world
is equal. Sufism is for the most part seen as been profoundly centered and approximately
the improvement of the self. In order to find Sufi thought Umera Ahmed, I given in her book
Meri Zaat Zarra e Be Nishan in the finding of this research Mahnoor Akhtar sheds light on how
left Sufism behind today and how can be re-adopted. The methods used by dramatist for is
Google Scholar and read reads research papers to analyze all data. In addition, author wants
her readers or audience to realize that Sufism is important.
Sufism, Mysticism, Spirituality, Self-denier, Peace, Islam, Religious
The aim of this study is to describe Sufism that is present in Alif. The ponder highlights
the creator needs to tell individuals around Sufism and realize that Muslims will be so distant
absent from Sufism. The writer feels sad about Pakistani people. In Pakistan, now Sufism is just
as for show anybody does not think Sufism may be best depicted as Islamic enchantment or
self- denial, which through conviction and hone makes a difference Muslims accomplish
closeness to Allah by way of coordinate individual encounter of God. The writer wants to
develop an interest in Sufism for all Muslims through her drama Alif.
Sufism started after the passing of Mohammed in 632, but it did not create into
orders until the 12th Century. The orders were shaped around otherworldly authors, who
who picked up holy person status and sanctums built in their names? There are handfuls of
Sufi orders and offshoots.
The word Sufi is obtained from the mysticism, which suggests “Spiritual wisdom.
Sufism (tasawwuf) is the title given to supernatural quality in Islam. The term Sufism embraces
the reasoning and hones which point at coordinate communion between God and man, and
those and those who hone Sufism are called Sufis. According Rabia Basri- “The finest thing that
leads man to God is that he must not care for anything of this world or another other than
god”, Ibn al-Jala “Sufism may be a reality without a form”. Sufism can be a divine information
offered by God upon a chosen few for the advantage of mankind. Here are many key principles:
1. Accomplish God through your otherworldly ace as your ace is God.
2. Consistent recognition of dhikr.
3. You must kill your creature soul i.e., ego.
4. You’ll utilize reverential music to assist fortify your devotion.
5. Information isn’t as imperative as coordinate otherworldly experience.
6.. Huge strength is required to be a Sufi.
Sufism It could be a well-known chronicled truth that in spreading the moral and
otherworldly values of Islam, major and compelling commitments have been Made by the
Wallis of Allah (holy people). It was their humanistic position, and devotion which won over the
hearts of lacs of individuals. They made a coordinate contact with the masses served
and cherished them, lived with them within the realization of Interminable Truth.
The verification of typically more than evident from the history of development of Islam in
India. In spite of the fact that Islam had entered in this subcontinent within the to begin
with century of Hijra, but the respectable assignment of motivating the individuals to
its principles and values in India were fulfilled by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A.)
In spite of the fact that Sufis are generally few in number they have molded Islamic
thought and history. Through the centuries Sufis contributed tremendously to Islamic writing
for case Rumi, Omar Khayyam and Al-Ghazali’s impact amplified past Muslim lands to be
cited by Western rationalists, journalists and scholars. Sufis were compelling in spreading
Islam especially to the farthest stations of the Muslim world in Africa, India and the distant East.
There are four stages of Sufism:

Fanna Fizzat. This is often the primary organize were Sufi competitor destroy
every wish and feel that I am the maker of myself. Expulsion of the “nafs” or the creature
soul so that our higher qualities come to the force.

Fanafil Sheik. At this organize one needs to annihilate himself and feels that in
Case something exist in this world is only sheik.

Fana- fi- Rasool. In case something exists in this world is Rasool.

Fana Fillah. Anything exists in this arrange is God.

Baqa Billah. Usually, the state where man comes back to his existence and God
appoints him to direct the people. Typically, the organize where the person is the portion of
the world, unconcern almost his or her compensate or position.
Sufism gives direction to mankind in all ages and might proceed to do so in future.
Each religion has a few fundamental principles whereas there are various principles that are
auxiliary in nature. Essential principle of Islam is conviction within the God and the Prophet.
As Rumi Says:
“God turns you from one feeling to another and educates by implies of opposites, so that you
simply will have two wings to fly not one”.
Sufism educates and sticks to the life and values held by Prophet Muhammad, regard and
love for others and equal treatment for all. Sufism instructs cherish for human being, creatures,
blooms, fruits, leaves and trees. Day and night and all creation of God, respectful discourse so
no one is harmed since adore is the religion of Sufi, virtue of locate so as to guarantee
immaculate ness of soul. We know Sufi who follows the life and Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad
(P.B.U.H). The Sufism is present in the author of the play Alif. The author has a deep awareness
of Pakistani society. The author aims at rediscover what has been forgotten through her drama
Alif. The author of this drama is English Student and she live in Phalia, Punjab.
Alif, a television drama, is the story of Momin and Momina, where Momin’s travel is to
rediscover his roots and Momina’s travel is to preserve the vocation of her family by out him
alone, his granddad and Momina offer assistance him to associate with who he truly is. The
pessimism in his identity has put him on a way where victory and allure meet him but he floats
absent from his reason in life. On the other hand, Momina concurs to assist him since she has as
as of late misplaced her brother and battled with passionate injury, hence, she gets it the
challenges confronted by Momin consequently she and his granddad play the significant the
significant part to overcome his battle with past and makes a difference him make peace with
recollections of his mother.
Pakistan is a country which acclaimed on the name of Islam. There is selfishness
everywhere no one thought about another person and all are far away from Islam and Sufism.
The present study aims making Pakistani people about Sufism through the study of Alif so that
the people may understand and realize about Sufism where they were wrong. The writer wants
develop again interest and realize all people they all are so far away from Sufism and we need to
think about this through her drama Alif. We also need to think about why we are so far away
from Sufism.
Literature review:
In context of Sufism, Jlaludin Rumi says that Sufism could be a department of Islam
basically, concerned with creating the otherworldly existence, or more accurately the internal
the internal character, of a Muslim. He also says i m not from the east or the west I’m not Christian
or jew or Muslim I’m not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi or Zen I don’t have a place to any built up religion
I’m not one or the other the body nor the soul. Eric Geoffroy in his book Introduction to Sufism:
The inner path of Islam explores that Al-Bastami certificates that the “knower,” the intelligent,
“Flies towards God, whereas the plain as it were walks, “and Ruwaym says that, “in which the
false Gnostics is superior than the earnestness of applicants [who yearn as it were to decontamiination].” knowledge may be a reflect, includes Ruwaym, in which the gnostic sees god uncovering
himself. Dhu-l-Nun demands on this coordinate getting a handle on of God: “How did you (come
to) know your ruler?” somebody asked him. “I knew my ruler through himself.” (P, 13)
In Islam, Sufism or gnosis is the internal measurement of the religion, like the part of a
nut whose shell is the outward rules (shari‘ah) and whose bit is the way (tariqa) whose standards
have been handed down from the Prophet, to the Imams, and from them to their authorized
shaykhs. Khawaja ‘Abdullah Ansari says:
The heart enquired of the soul
What is the beginning of this business?
What its end, and what its fruit?
The soul answered:
The beginning of it is
The annihilation of self
Its end faithfulness
And its fruit immorality.
The present work studies Sufism in the drama Alif by a Pakistani writer Mahnoor Akhtar.
Theoretical framework:
In this research work, researchers relies on the theoretical framework constructed out the
concepts of the theorist of Sufism Eric Geoffroy that facilities to explore Sufism in the drama, Alif.
Eric Geoffroy gives a theory of Sufism.
Eric Geoffroy born in 1956 in Belfort, France, is a French philosopher and Islam ologist,
writer and scholar in the Sufi studies. The primary column of Islam requires adherence to the
divine unity: “there’s no God but God.” This is often tawhid a basic guideline within the doctrine
of Islam. In case one really remains at the level of Islam, tawhid comprises of a confirmation, a
completely outward attention. Philosophers and theologians characterize tawhid by implies of
judicious contentions (Tawhid al-Burhan). Sufis don’t neglect this measurement, that approach
tawhid through coordinate, natural vision (Tawhid ul- ‘iyan). In this way they pass from a
information that is still dualistic which is how the exoterists see it to a knowledge that’s changing
(Tawhid and me), unitive and genuine once the self-image is quenched: God alone being and only
he can really testify to his ones. He has also written a book of Sufism which is published in 2010
. In this document, he explains the value of Sufism.
According to Quran, ask those who know if you know not (16:43) And follow the path of
him who turns unto me. (31:15) Devotees of Sufism accept they can end up closer to Allah
through internal refinement and reflection. They do this by pondering and accepting direction
from their otherworldly pioneers, or “murshid” (guide). Adherents of Sufism take after the five
columns of Islam fair as other practicing Muslims. They announce confidence in one God Allah
and Mohammed as his delivery person, supplicate five times a day, donate to charity, quick and
perform the Hajj journey to Mecca. There are five pillars of Sufism. This encounter moreover
involves the exclusive achievement on the off chance another statue of Islam concurring to
the Quran (51:56), man was made to serve and adore God, which is what the customs expressed
within the five columns: address for the Sufi, it may be a matter of passing from the basic
recognition of works of revere (Ibadan) to a consciousness of the outright, ontological bondage of
man in connection to God.
Abu l-Hassan Fushanji quote in lings, Martin, “Sufism be a title without a reality.
. It was once a reality without a title.” (P, 45) it’s accepted Sufism’s put in Islam
is depicted by the Prophet: Umar ibn al-Khattab, a companion of the prophet, said:
“One day we were sitting within the company of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him)
when there showed up some time recently us a man dressed is unadulterated white dress
his hair exceptionally dark. There were no signs of travel on him. None among us
recognized him. At final he sat with the Messenger (peace be upon him). He stooped some
time recently him set his palms on his thighs and said: Muhammad, advise me around
Islam. “The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) said:
Islam infers merely affirm that there’s no god but Allah which Muhammad is the courier
of Allah, and you establish supplication, pay Zakat, watch the quick of Ramadan, and
perform journey to the (House) if you’re dissolvable sufficient (to bear the cost of) the
journey. He (the inquirer) said: You’ve got told the truth. “It astounded us that he would
put the address and after that he would himself confirm the truth. “He (the inquirer)
said: Illuminate me approximately Iman. “He (the sacred Prophet) answered: simply
assert your confidence in Allah, in His angels, in His Books, in His Witnesses, within
the Day of Judgment, and you confirm your confidence within the divine declare almost
great and evil. “He (the inquirer) said: You have got told the truth. He once more said:
Illuminate me approximately Ihsan. “He (the Heavenly Prophet) said: Simply revere Allah
as in the event that you’re seeing Him, for in spite of the fact that you do not see Him, He,
verily, sees you. “He (the enquirer) once more said: Inform me almost the hour (of the
Doom). “He (the Heavenly Prophet) commented: One who is inquired knows no more than
the one who is asking (around it). “He (the inquirer) said: Let me know a few of its
indications. “He (the Heavenly Prophet) said: That the slave-girl will deliver birth to
her fancy
woman and ace, that you just will discover barefooted, dejected goat-herds competing with
one another within the development of radiant buildings. “Then he (the inquirer) went on his
way but I remained with him (the Heavenly Prophet) for a long whereas. He at that point, said
to me: Umar, do you know who this inquirer was? I answered: Allah and His Witness knows
best. He (the Sacred Prophet) commented: He was Gabriel (the blessed messenger). He came
to you in arrange to educated you in things of religion.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 1: Number 1)
In this well-known hadith the blessed messenger Gabriel inquires almost significant
highlights of the Islamic conviction. They included Islam, Iman and Ihsan. Islam is the outward
hone of the religion. Iman is the conviction within the concealed and what the prophets have
educated us of. Ihsan is to adore Allah as in spite of the fact that one sees him. Customarily
researchers were able to educate each of these fundamental parts of Islam. The Imams of Sharia
or ‘sacred law’ instructed at the level of Islam. The Imams of Aqedah or ‘tenets of faith instructed
Iman. The Imams of Sufism instructed at the level of Ihsan.
The other columns, basically the supplication the quick and the journey lock in the
body of the believer. in spite of the fact that present day propensities push the wellbeing related
perspective of these hones they come to life for the believer through his confidence and introduction towards God. For all that the letter of the law finished up winning over soul and a few
watches saw in these hones nothing but ritualism and forma signals. but for those who perceive
the internal meaning of islam they are over all ways to move towards otherworldly substances
as the experts like to point out the customs which are images put into activity have their essential
defense within the recognition of God which they bring approximately.

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